Comments on the publication of Society & Nature


"If our present ecological crisis reveals anything,it is the compelling fact that society's influence on the natural world is a relationship of paramount importance that can no longer be ignored. Rarely has there been a greater need to explain ecological problems in social terms, to explore how the kind of social relationships we establish decisively influence the evolution of the natural world and human in-teraction with it. The appearance of a periodical that focuses on this crucial problematic is a matter of the most profound importance today. The publication of Society and Nature is an event to be greeted with the greatest enthusiasm and I would urge that it be read with care and with an understanding of the enormous importance it can play in clarifying the sources of our present ecological problems and provide a means for exploring social solutions to them. I cannot express too strongly my belief that the periodical will be of incalculable value as a forum for ideas of the relationship of social to ecological problems and satisfy a vital need of enormous importance."

Murray Bookchin, Director Emeritus, Institute for Social Ecology"


Society and Nature could not arrive at a more important time. In the face of the growing ecological crisis, the co-optation of the Green Parties and the emergence of technocra- tic, global 'resource manage-ment' strategies, there is a pressing need for the type of radical analysis and reconstructive vision presented in Society and Nature. Now, more than ever, we need forums for the open discussion of the critical ideas presented in your pages. The fusion of radical social critique and ecological insight presented by the journal is a raft of hope in a sea of reformism, accommodation, technocracy and hopeless-ness. We at the Institute for Social Ecology wish you well and extend our solidarity and full support to your efforts".

Daniel Chodorkoff, Co-founder and Director of the Institute for Social Ecology.


"I like your plans for the journal and I think the statement of your aims is excellent".

 James Robertson : Patron of the New Economics Foundation, writer.


"I was very interested to read of your plans for "Society and Nature. Although I am in substantial agreement with your editorial, especially in that it addresses the key issues posed by the ecological crisis, I could not endorse it completely"

Paul Ekins, Co-founder of the Other Economic Summit (TOES), Research Director for the Right Livelihood Award (the "Alternative Nobel Prize")


"Your journal looks excellent. I wish we had one like it !" 

John Clark, Professor of philosophy at Loyola University in New Or-leans, writer.


I am most sympathetic with the aims of the journal. I  found the new publication impressive and very promising.

Noam Chomsky, Professor of Linguistics, MIT


I agree with most of OUR AIMS. It is amazing to see many of my own conceptions and perspectives in this text!

Victor Toledo, Centro de Ecologia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.