Democracy  &  Nature, vol 4  no 1

Donna J. Haraway and Technology

Jhan Hochman


Abstract: Donna J. Haraway grinds no fundamental ax against technics. While acknowledging high technology as the offspring of patriarchal capitalism, militarism and state socialim, she maintains that high tech communications users can renounce these ‘fathers’, use technology to contest inequality and ‘reinvent’ nature. To the contrary, I argue that the mass and high technolo­gies are made possible only by the capital input of States and Corporations, both which stand ready to protect investments and profits with militarism. More fundamentally, I argue that mass procurance, manufacture, testing, distribution, use, maintenance, and disposal necessary to technology yields a weapon of mass destruction against nature mysteriously absent from Haraway‘s discussion of 'reinventing' nature as a non—resource through high technology.