Democracy  &  Nature, Vol. 5No. 3


Socioeconomic Democracy and the state of welfare

Robley E. George


AbstractIn a desperate attempt to gain clarity, this article begins with a brief examination of the many and conflicting meanings of the word Welfare.  Next, we even more briefly note the ambiguity inextricably intertwined in the meanings of the word State.  The third set of dilemmas considered has to do with democracy.  Again necessarily briefly, the discussion first looks at garden-variety qualitative democracy (used, for example, to determine which politician fills which political office), including some of its many serious theoretical as well as practical problems.  Then quantitative democracy is introduced, whereby society can democratically and directly determine appropriate amounts or magnitudes of significant societal system parameters in question.  The paper concludes with a rapid tour through some of the already explored regions of Socioeconomic Democracy.  In this manner, it is hoped some insight can be gained regarding the relationship between Socioeconomic Democracy and the State of Welfare.