Democracy  &  Nature, Vol. 7, No. 2


The problem of ethnicity in a new (global) language

Gökhan Bacik


Abstract: What is the meaning of ethnic emancipation in the so-called global world? Why do we have a set of sharp ethnic originated conflicts and problems at this specific period of time? The basic argument of this paper is that the set of ethnic originated issues has become the concern of world politics because of the crises of ‘language’ in world politics. There is a very important language crisis that helps explain what is going on around us. Thus, this crisis has given way to an invitation for ethnic problems to become increasingly intertwined with world politics. The former ‘language’ has no appropriate vocabulary to depict or to represent several ethnic realities. They (ethnicities, minorities...) were there but they could not affect the process during the Cold War. The paper examines the issue of ‘ethnic emancipation’ within the context of language-hegemony crises.