Democracy  &  Nature, Vol. 9, No. 2


Plato and Castoriadis: the concealment and the unveiling of democracy

Yorgos Oikonomou


NOTE of the EC, October 2009: The version of Oikonomou's article published here is not identical with the reprint version  in The International Journal of INCLUSIVE DEMOCRACY, vol.2, no.1, (September 2005):
The reason for this discrepancy is that the author submitted a different final version of the article at the time to the Editor of D&N  than the one he submitted to the publisher, after making significant changes at the proofs stage for which he did not inform the Editor, as he was obliged to do, as this is normal practice. 

NOTE of the EC, November 2009. Despite the fact that the version published in the print edition of D&N, as stated above, was unauthorized by the editor, in a spirit of conciliation, we agreed nevertheless to reproduce this version in the electronic form of D&N at
However, following a deceitful attempt by the  editor of Agora International David Ames Curtis' (well known for his past defamatory attacks against our journal) to completely distort the facts in the CC Agora Newsletter dated November 2009, confirming  once again the main function of CC Agora International to misinform readers according to its editor's  objectives, the EC decided the following: a) to withdraw the unauthorized version from the electronic form of D&N b) to denounce Y. Oikonomou, the author, who,  dishonestly, allowed Curtis to publish the following deceitful announcement.

"Plato and Castoriadis: The Concealment and the Unravelling [sic] of Democracy." /The International Journal of Inclusive Democracy/, 2:1(September 2005). 15pp. [N.B.: This 2005 internet reprint, which now includes a "Note of the EC, September 2009" blaming the author for the "discrepancy" between the /D&N/ and the /IJID/ versions, altered the originally published title without the consent or knowledge of the author, included a final footnote that incorrectly appears as if it were the author's, and made other unauthorized alterations not indicated as such. /IJID/ now reports that the author has "repudiate[d]" the /IJID/ version, the /IJID/ terming the /D&N/ version "the unauthorized by the Editor version."

Abstract: In the first part of the paper  Castoriadis' critical analysis of Plato's Statesman is discussed and the main points of this critique, chiefly the concealment of  politics and democracy are presented.  The second part (which is followed by a short comparison of the projects of autonomy and Inclusive Democracy) briefly deals with Castoriadis’ critique of contemporary political practice and theory,  and depicts the unravelling of politics and of democracy-- views which are particularly significant for us today.